July 22 - 24, 2018
Omni King Edward, Toronto, ON

Robert Gnaedinger

Ciena Learning

I have two passions – business and training.

If you want to get specific, I really only have one passion – the Business of Training.


People take training for multiple reasons (some because they want to, and some because they have to). From a business perspective, training programs can be put in place for multiple reasons (new product introduction, driving user adoption, or opening up new markets for your business).

In any case, learning should be about results.


In my career, I have gained extensive experience in:

• Clearly linking learning to the overall business strategy of the organization

• Engaging with the executive team and other stakeholders to strategically align learning programs to the organization’s goals

• Executing a learning business plan with discipline and efficiency

• Developing an appropriate measurement and evaluation strategy for success

• Tracking all financial metrics to ensure objectives and targets are met

8:10 AM The Critical Role of Cross-Functional Change Management: Unleashing Innovation & Competitive Advantage

Enterprise organizations often go through change management processes for a variety of reasons: mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, new leadership, technology implementations, organizational restructuring, and regulatory compliance. A proactive approach to change is essential to ensure its success and alignment with business objectives, and to truly unleash talent potential as competitive advantage. This interactive Panel will explore different perspectives of HR and learning leaders promoting change, along with lessons learned and successful outcomes in culture, communications and the change process itself. 

How can effective change management help an enterprise to become more innovative and competitive? This engaging panel will discuss their experience with:
• Identifying risks ahead of time and addressing them before implementation
• Appointing stakeholders and influencers to champion change
• Aligning culture change with business strategy
• Promoting desired behaviors and building capability: L&D partnering with HR as architects of new organizational design
• Fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial mentality

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Robert.

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