Terry Shane

Refined Data

At heart I'm an inventor, an ideas guy, always looking for a better way to get the job done or for ways to leverage technology in the service of improving the world.

I hold multiple US patents in different areas, from Internet technology to medical devices and more recently in the eLearning space for the unique Vantage Point solution for virtual classrooms. This latest tool is changing the way that online learning is being used to deliver classes at major Universities in the US, Australia and Europe as well as in corporate training departments.

I'm committed to servicing clients and delivering real value. For me it's always about the relationships we can build with customers and never about the short term sale.

I have owned and run two successful business over the last 32 years, each of which has been an innovation leader in its field. At Westminster International, we built one of Canada’s leading Direct Marketing and Data Processing Bureaus, processing as many as 10 million address records daily in our facility. I was named Direct Marketer of the Year for Canada by the Direct Marketing Association in 1999.

In 2001 Westminster International was sold to Halo Industries, a NYSE Publically traded company. I subsequently founded Refined Data Solutions with my current business partner, Hugh Molyneux who directs our award winning Property Management Risk Division servicing 4 of the top 5 Property Management companies in Canada.

Refined Data Solutions is an acknowledged world leader in custom-integrated eLearning software implementations using Adobe Connect for Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and platforms based on the Moodle LMS.